Unshort any URL
URL unshorten API service
Unshort.me has a simple API that returns XML, JSON or JSONP response to your requests.
First get your API key.
API Example:
Here are simple examples of how to use the API:


SHORT_URL: short URL you are trying to unshorten
FORMAT: API response format. You can set it to json, jsonp or xml. The default is json
JSON Example:
Without API Key With API Key The above request will return:

XML Example:
The above request will return:
JSONP Example:
In order to use JSONP, just define your callback function using "callback" parameter. The above request will return:

fun ({

Response HTTP Code:
The following HTTP code is returned with each request. In case of error, the service returns code between 400 to 500 and also contains an "error" string which has the actual error
  • 200 OK: Everything is okay
  • 202 Accepted: Things are okay but the request is being processed and has not been completed yet
  • 400 Bad Request: Something missing or invalid parameter
  • 401 Unauthorized: API key invalid
  • 403 Forbidden: Exceeded rate limit or forbidden for abuse. If you exceeded the rate limit, you may have to wait 24hrs and try again
  • 404 Not Found
  • 500 Server error
Rate Limit:
The API imposes rate limits for each IP address or API key for a given specific time window. We may adjust these rate limits over time to maintain the quality of the service. The daily rate limit is 100,000 requests per day. If you need more rate limit, please contact us.